Innovation studio aids Kiwi businesses harness new technology power

As New Zealand continues to respond to the challenges of COVID-19 and prepares its transition to a low-carbon economy, Spark has launched a new Innovation Studio that will support Kiwi businesses to identify how emerging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G can help them adapt, transform and grow.

Unlocking value from forklift connectivity

Forklifts today can do more than just move stock from one end of the factory to the other – when integrated with the right technology, Crown Equipment says the machines can move your whole organisation forward.

Is automotive ready for hydrogen? Matt Lundberg maps out the road towards hydrogen fuel

With global sustainability legislations shifting the automotive market away from combustion engines, you’ve probably heard somebody utter “my next car will be electric”. If you haven’t, it’s likely you will soon. However, one fuel source doesn’t fit all. Making the green shift in the automotive market will require other sustainable fuel sources. The move awayContinue reading “Is automotive ready for hydrogen? Matt Lundberg maps out the road towards hydrogen fuel”

The Tyre Collective: Capturing microplastic particles from tyres

The Tyre Collective, the International Runner-up of the 2020 James Dyson Awards, has produced an ingenious device that captures tyre-wear particles at the wheel of a vehicle, to be recycled for future applications. The Tyre Collective attempted to solve a relatively unknown problem, tyre wear. Every time a vehicle brakes, accelerates or turns a corner,Continue reading “The Tyre Collective: Capturing microplastic particles from tyres”

World shipping slows decline amid COVID-19

The global shipping industry has played a vital role in the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and demand for its services has limited the annual decline in maritime trade volumes to around 4.1%t in 2020, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said in its annual report on the shipping industry. “The pandemicContinue reading “World shipping slows decline amid COVID-19”