How to improve your supply chain resilience through automation Traditional supply chains are struggling to keep up with heightened customer expectations, increased regulations, and outside influences on the market — including how to pivot operations in response to global pandemics. Today, Australasian businesses must look at their work processes and how these can be streamlined,Continue reading “SWITCH ON TODAY…”

Key technologies set to reshape the supply chain, logistics industry in 2021

​While we may not dare to declare 2021 a post-COVID world just yet, Nishan Wijemanne, managing director APAC at Körber Supply Chain Software, discusses the top trends to watch out for in 2021. With a national lockdown from March to May, and a second Auckland lockdown in August, stay-at-home directives dominated 2020. The pandemic forcedContinue reading “Key technologies set to reshape the supply chain, logistics industry in 2021”

Blockchain to create supply-chain checking app

Traditionally, consumers seek cheaper products at higher value, but now people are more aware of social and moral considerations. Concerns like child labour, sustainability and animal welfare mean the consumer’s need for transparency has increased, and so University of Canterbury (UC) PhD student Pouyan Jahanbin is developing a tool to give people real-time information onContinue reading “Blockchain to create supply-chain checking app”