Swisslog and SKUtopia automated MFC selected supply chain, logistics awards finalist

The AutoStore grid-based automation solution was implemented by Swisslog, a leader in warehouse automation and data-driven intralogistics solutions, for SKUTOPIA, an e-commerce fulfillment specialist, and logistics industry disruptor.

The AutoStore solution situated in Alexandria, Sydney, is comprised of 7,000 bins and 16 robots. SKUtopia is already underway in the process of expanding this to 50,000 bins in the coming years as it scales up operations.

SKUtopia’s new MFC provides a revolutionary, “first of its kind” software-lead e-commerce fulfilment automation that enables e-commerce businesses to scale their business from 100 orders to 10,000 daily orders seamlessly.

“SKUtopia is democratising ecommerce fulfillment by providing world class fulfillment solutions to small, medium, and large online merchants,” says Talea Bader, managing director.

“The automated solution, together with SKUtopia’s WMS has also increased efficiency, accuracy, and throughput, allowing us to deliver products to customers faster. The system provides an average increase of 1200% (12 times) compared with a manual warehouse,” says Bader.

“SKUtopia is proud of the lightning-fast delivery options it provides its customers, and having an advanced, agile Swisslog automation solution in place is key to us delivering this service,” he said.

“This is a truly exciting MFC project, and it’s fantastic for both Swisslog and SKUtopia to be recognised by the industry’s dedicated supply chain and logistics awards,” says Bader.

Swisslog managing director, Australia and New Zealand, Dan Ulmamei, was also delighted at the recognition. “SKUtopia offers a game-changing system for the e-commerce industry, and Swisslog is proud to support them as they expand their operations.”

“Swisslog’s solution provides flexibility to grow as SKUtopia grows, and as its customers grow, which means all companies involved can stay agile and responsive to growth or changes in their product or offering,” he said.

Energy-efficient solution

AutoStore is also an incredibly energy-efficient solution, which aligns perfectly with SKUtopia’s sustainability goals – a plan to be environmentally positive by December 2023.

Each AutoStore robot is extremely energy efficient, using just 0.1 kW of energy per hour – six robots use the same as a toaster. This low energy consumption combined with low maintenance costs makes for a very favourable total cost of ownership (TCO).

“With a low investment, AutoStore achieves efficient processing at integrated goods-to-person workstations. People don’t need to walk long distances to pick products, the robots deliver goods directly to pick stations to reduce picking times,” says Bader.

System features and benefits

Key features include:

• 24/7 automated customer click and collect

• Order buffering for click and collect orders

• Maximised throughput & increased storage density

• Increased quality & accuracy

• Integrated to CMC cartonising machine

Benefits to customers include:

• Automated ‘Click & Collect’ – the solution will be a MFC for SKUtopia’s customers

• Increased quality and accuracy of inventory and on-time despatch

• Increased product density whilst decreased footprint

• Improved customer service levels

• Opportunity for future expansion.