2022 predictions: Körber Supply Chain looks ahead

In many ways, 2021 was more challenging than 2020 and businesses are now turning to technology at rapid pace.

Last year was a record year of investment and development says Körber Supply Chain. At the end of 2021, the tech provider announced a strategic partnership with KKR, a global investment firm.

“Development, innovation and growth are core values for Körber Supply Chain,” said chief technology officer Sean Elliott at the Elevate APAC 2021 conference. “We’re constantly looking at all our products and services and asking ourselves: ‘What are we doing well and how can we help our customers in the future?’”

What will 2022 look like?

Leaders from across the company’s Software’s APAC team have shared their predictions for what opportunities and challenges supply chain organisations will face this year.


The pandemic has “enhanced the squeeze the industry was already feeling around labour availability”. Attracting and retaining great people will continue to be a challenge, but having the right team is critical to develop, manage and support these rapidly evolving industries.

Technology can play a huge role in mitigating this challenge. Whether it be to enhance and speed up onboarding processes or utilising robotic technology to maintain or increase throughputs when labour availability is low.

Artificial intelligence

One of the standout tech developments for 2022 will be Artificial Intelligence (AI) according to Körber. As capabilities continue to develop in this space, having the ability to utilise machine learning to adapt to trends, peaks and challenges will be critical to success.

“At Körber Supply Chain, we have vast amounts of data we can access in our systems and products. We can use this data to find patterns and make predictions on the future so we can be smarter, we can also use AI to facilitate real-time supply chain decision making.”

Robotics and android voice

Mobile and agile robotics and android-based voice technology continues to play a critical role in a successful supply chain operation. As organisations focus on reducing operational costs and grapple with labour challenges, agile and mobile automation can boost efficiency and resilience.

More than 10,000 users leverage Körber voice and android-based voice technology on a daily basis, and “it will continue to gain popularity this year”.

Security and the cloud

As organisations leverage cloud technology, Körber is developing its offering in this space – with three principles in mind.

“Firstly, speed – the team has been developing the solution to ensure that a customer’s time to value is immediate. Secondly, resilience and thirdly, security. Supply chains are an important but fragile element of overall business security, particularly digital security.”