Europe presents cell transporter as part of its hydrogen offensive

Quantron has introduced a hydrogen fuel cell transporter in the 3.5 to 4.2 tonne range, unique in Europe.

The vehicle is offered in cooperation with Quantron partner and fuel cell expert AE Driven Solutions. It is based on a reliable and proven powertrain technology that is already in use in over 400 vehicles throughout Europe. All components of the Q-Light FCEV comply with European safety standards.

Vehicles fuelled with green hydrogen protect the environment, are quiet on the road and convince with a long range and are ideal for sustainable companies that want to rely on emission-free goods transport for the long haul.

The payload of the Q-Light FCEV is analogous to that of a comparable diesel vehicle. The refuelling time can also be compared to that of a diesel vehicle. The Q-Light FCEV can be driven flexibly in electric or fuel cell mode. The battery capacity is 37 kWh and, like the 15 kW fuel cell used, has a long service life. The waste heat from the fuel cell can also be used to heat the interior, for example, so that additional electricity can be saved.

Quontron supports its customers in finding the ideal vehicle for their individual requirements. Thanks to its wide range of superstructures, the Q-Light FCEV can be used flexibly in different areas of application, for example in the logistics industry or as a delivery vehicle.

Thanks to its quiet and emission-free drive, the transporter can also be used during the day and at night. Depending on requirements, the vehicle can be equipped with up to four hydrogen tanks and thus achieve a range of up to 500 km. In the future, the power of the fuel cell will also be scalable, so that the vehicle can be offered in different versions, such as a 7.2 t variant.

Quantron AG is a system provider of clean battery and hydrogen-powered e-mobility for commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and vans.

In addition to new electric vehicles, the wide range of services offered by the innovation forge includes the electrification of used and existing vehicles, the creation of individual overall concepts including the appropriate charging infrastructure as well as rental, financing and leasing offers and driver training. Quantron AG also sells batteries and integrated customised electrification concepts to manufacturers of commercial vehicles, machinery, and intralogistics vehicles.

The German company from Augsburg in Bavaria is a pioneer and innovation driver for e-mobility in passenger, transport and freight traffic. It has a network of 700 service partners and the comprehensive knowledge of qualified experts in the fields of power electronics and battery technology, through its cooperation with CATL, the world’s largest battery producer.