Art for truck sake… Kiwi artist shows her passion for things with more than four wheels…

Marton-based artist Rochelle Thomas sure likes her trucks – mostly – and cars, motorbikes and heavy machinery (boats too).

“I have been self-employed as ‘Auto Art by Rochelle’ for five years painting vehicle portraits,” says Thomas.

Hand painted on block canvas using acrylics, all of her paintings are completed to order and she can work from reference photos that customers provide.

“The vast majority of my work are trucks. I do have people ask if I paint anything else… the answer is yes, I also paint cars, motorbikes, boats and heavy machinery. I absolutely love my job, especially this time of year working in front of the fire,” she says.

Rochelle Thomas and her painting of the Guy Knowles lineup

Why trucks FTDmag asked? Thomas says she was asked to paint one a few years back and loved the challenge. From that moment she was asked to paint another, then another and before she knew it Thomas was painting them full-time.

“There’s so much variety in my work and each piece of art brings a new challenge. I’m learning every day. My paintings bring so much joy to so many people and that is why I enjoy what I do so much. The excitement from my customers when they order one as a gift or the anticipation from drivers wanting a special keepsake of their pride and joy. I’ve now received orders and sent my paintings to Australia, Canada, the UK and USA – that’s a buzz on its own too.”

You can get in touch with her on Facebook, through Instagram @autoartbyrochelle or by emailing

SA Gilberts road train painting