Kӧrber expands its automated solutions portfolio

Supply chain technology provider Körber has introduced two innovative robot solutions to the APAC market. As the industry continues to explore autonomous solutions to improve efficiencies and productivity, Körber remains ahead of the curve and has expanded its autonomous solutions range to provide customers with the very latest developments in robotic technology.

“Flexibility, adaptability and precision are everything in today’s supply chain,” Nishan Wijemanne, global leader robotics and managing director of APAC at Körber Supply Chain tells FTD.

Körber, previously Cohesio Group, has made a mark on the Australian and New Zealand logistics, supply chain and retail industries as an early adopter of mobile automation.

In recent years, the leading tech provider has had a series of major wins for some of the region’s largest and well-known organisations, including Catch Group, CEVA Logistic, Officeworks and more.

As the autonomous robot industry develops, Körber remains on the cusp of the latest developments in the industry and has been looking for opportunities to bring the latest developments in autonomous technology to the APAC market.

This has led the organisation to signing a strategic partnership with Balyo.

Balyo is a leading integrator and developer of advanced fork-lift robots. Established 14 years ago, Balyo has opened offices in three continents and deployed more than 500 robots worldwide. Its vision is to enable companies to focus on humans through designing, installing and operating simple and affordable robotic technologies, systems and services.

Launched with the ambition to simplify robotics, Balyo bridges the gap between traditional material handling equipment (MHE) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). This includes autonomous forklift trucks, tow tractors (for tugging applications), stackers (for floors/low-level pallet movements) and reach-robots (for high racks).

Kӧrber will work with Balyo to integrate its range of robotics to overcome challenges associated with full pallets, bulk movements and heavy goods.

According to Wijemanne, this partnership is a testament to Kӧrber’s dedication to offering the best solutions to its customer. “Robotics bring a new level of performance to warehousing and logistics. Our expertise combined with Balyo’s unique solutions will empower business around the world to conquer today’s complexities and to evolve with consumer and industry demands,” he says.

In addition to the Balyo partnership, Kӧrber is also set to roll out an extended depth, tote-to-person robot – manufactured by Geek+.

The C200M AMR is designed to operate in narrow aisles, reach new heights and increase warehouse storage capacity. The robots add efficiency to existing facilities and increase the storage capacity of a manual warehouse by up to 250%.

Pushing the boundaries of what is already available in the goods-to-person (GTP) market, this new solution will bring customers even more value by improving storage capacity and efficiency.

The C200M operates in aisles that are less than one-metre wide and uses a telescopic fork to reach two rows of containers from one side of a shelf. It also connects to other automation solutions such as conveyors or picking and packing AMRs.

The C200M is ideal for a number of different businesses, large or small.

Providing an alternative to the traditional multi-shuttle ASRS tote systems at a fraction of the cost, the C200M can put away into the tote shelving system and pick directly from totes without having to complete the traditional replenishment tasks that you would ordinarily need to do in a manual or even some automated warehouses.

Kӧrber’s dedication to bringing the latest autonomous technology to Australia and New Zealand is set to accelerate fulfilment capabilities for retailers and logistics providers alike.

“We’ve already had a major e-commerce retailer sign up for the C200M solution at its new distribution centre. In their pursuit of offering the very best in customer service for online shoppers throughout the nation, this solution is critical for their goods receiving process. It allows them to receive products and have them ready for dispatch in 30-45 minutes,” Rizan Mawzoon, head of transformation at Kӧrber Supply Chain says.

The solution is ideal for any customer with products that fit into totes.